Pilots of Darsalon

Pilots of Darsalon is the prequel of «Moons Of Darsalon». It is inspired by the 8 bit classics «Gravitar», «Thrust», «Lunar lander» and «Solar Jetman» but with a strong Commodore 64 feel on it. This game combines physics with shooting. Your job is to locate and transport containers to your base avoiding enemies on your way. Your ship is equipped with a hook to carry the containers.

… What?… You were expecting to read some edulcorated description?… Something like the great adventure you are going to embark taking control of one of the most sophisticated spaceship the engineers of planet Darsalon have ever created. Where you will face the enemy defense turrets, provided with artificial intelligence, that are protecting the containers filled up with «tidirium», the most expensive and explosive substance in the known universe… ? 

How about that?… Still not enough?… You need some more bla bla?… Why don’t you just play the game and enjoy the actual gameplay?


– Physics based ship control.
– Online world leader board.
– CRT filter for authentic retro look.
– C64 color palette.
– Unique pixel-art render pipeline that consistently combines: Dynamic lightning, 2D sprites, 3D models.
– In-Game gif maker.
– 15 stages of increasing difficulty.
– 3 difficulty modes to fit any kind of gamer skills.
– 8 bit music based on C64’s SID chip.
– 8 bit sound FX’s.

Released in 28 May, 2020. Follow up game coming soon. Stay tuned