Moons Of Darsalon

Moons Of Darsalon Weird Game

Teams of darsanauts got lost during their mining missions on the different moons of the planet Darsalon. You need to complete several rescue missions in which you will have to lead them to the closest base station. They will use their own AI to follow you and to obey your commands. On your way to the base you will have to protect them from dangers and enemies using your laser gun, jet pack, pilot ground and air vehicles, destroy terrain, and even make new paths with the ground maker gun.

You need to rescue a minimum amount of colleagues on each level in order to pass to the next one. You will have to be aware of lighting them up the path, control the amount of ammunition, fuel, energy… and most important, do not let the bad guys to kill you or kill your colleagues!

  • Retro style:CRT screen simulation, carefully selected color palette, classic Disney animation of characters.
  • Liquid Physics: Enemies can explode on jelly. There are small rivers, waterfalls and ponds moving in a very natural way.
  • Lighting: night and day cycle, the atmosphere changes depending on the nebulas or stars passing by, glass on buildings and water reflects the color of the sky.
  • Comic bubbles: with it characters express their intentions and reply. Expressivity is also shown with their gestures, a way to include humor into the video game.
  • Lots of weapons to use: laser gun, ground maker, light gun and flashlight…
  • Lots of vehicles to drive: jet pack, trucks and space ships.